Pu Double Thick Board Lettering Film


Pu Double Thick Board Lettering Film


  1. Main material: 100% PU elastic materia


  2. Thickness85C  
  3.  61cm*15m/roll
  4. Weight 5.5Kg
  5. Transfer temperature  150一160
  6. Transfer time10-15s
  7.  Textile care: wash at room temperature
  8. Peeling methodCold
  9.  Washing times:60mins/time, more than 10 times
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 Main Feature

    Super soft super elastic, washable, no wrinkles. colorful

         How to use

  1. Design the patten on Computer

  2. Mark with laser and cut into desired shape

  3. ear off the film outside the pattern, attach transfer film

  4. Stick the pattern on the garment and press it directly onto the substrate

  5. Between 150  160 degrees CelsiusThe time is 10 to 15 seconds and the pressure is 20 to 30 pounds

  6. Peel off the PET film


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