Puff Heat Transfer Vinyl


Puff Heat Transfer Vinyl


Wash temperature: 40 ℃

Times of washing: 10 times, 60 minutes/time

Tearing method: cold tearing

Product no. : white ktf-002 black ktf-001

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Main Features

1.No mark on back of backing paper: PET backing paper

2. Hot and cold tear

3. Good elasticity4. Good bounce

5. It feels soft, After carving the picture, because there is no glue or adhesive on the back paper, the carved words cannot be pasted back to the original position


  1. Design a pattern with a computer
  2. Use a cutting plotter or laser to cut the desired shape
  3. Tear off the film outside the pattern
  4. Tear off the protective film, stick the pattern on the clothes, and use the hot stamping machine to directly iron the substrateThe ironing temperature is generally 150 ℃ to 155 ℃, the time is 25 seconds to 30 seconds, and the pressure is 20 — 30 pounds (depending on different materials and requirements).
  5. After pressing and scalding, wait for a little while and tear off the PET protective film
  6. It’s usually 150 to 155 degrees, 25 to 30 seconds, and the pressure is 20 to 30 pounds


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