Embroidery Patch Iron On Sew On Applique for Jeans


Embroidery Patch Iron On Sew On Applique for Jeans


Material: Polyester Yarn

Heat Transfer Time: 20s

Temperature: Around 150 -160 degrees

Pressure: Medium pressure

Application: Jeans, Neckline Collar Bust Dress, Clothing, Bags

Notice: Flat ironing

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Ironing method:

  1. Clean the the cloth and place it on the appropriate part, attach the glue side to the cloth
  2. Cover a silicone paper on the cloth.
  3. Adjust the heat press iron to 150 degrees. After the temperature is reached, press it directly for 20s in the position of the cloth.
  4. Important: Wait for 5 minutes. Cool Peeling
  5. If it is not strong enough, repeat the 2-4 steps again.

Sewing method:

Use the sewing machine to make a circle on the edge of the patch. It is recommended to use same color as the border to sew.


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