it did cut but as I was weeding it it still wasn’t clean cut all the way through

Our Pu vinyl is very good flex. It is suggested to add more blade force and slow the speed. If possible change blade to new one. Cause dull blade influences.

after heat press,white color changes. Why it happens?

what kind of the fabric you use for? Your fabric maybe dye migration after heat press. When you heat press heat transfer vinyls onto a sublimated garment, the high heat will lead to dyes of the polyester migrate and discolor the design. We have one type Pu heat transfer vinyl with an anti-migration layer. You could have a test.

Q1-1was terrible, when I peel, the cut area just pulled right off

what size of the design you cut? Q1-1 is suitable for you normal size cutting. If your design is smaller than 0.6cm, it is suggested to use another types of pu vinyl with tacky backing. It could deal with very small details.

If you could provide plain package?

Yes. We could change the package to plain one for VIP customers

why there is bubble after heat press?

Temperature is too high. It is suggested 165-170℃. it is better to use teflon sheet when heat press.

why the vinyl can’t sticky to t-shirt?

do you use hot peeling? Our vinyls are cold peeling. Peel away the clear film until it is cool.

Can you make custom color?

yes, but we need to make sample firstly. It will charge you fee for samples: 1200RMB. Could you send me Pantone number? Btw there is MOQ of 40 roll for custom color vinyls.

other supplier provide glossy clear film, why yours is matt?

yes we did glossy before, but some customers complained that the vinyl stick together when cutting. We did improvement. Matte clear film protect them from sticking together. That is why we did it.

can your vinyls could used for cotton?

yes, our vinyls could be used for most of fabric like cotton, polyester, cotton-polyester blended, lycra, ect.